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Spooktastic Birthday

When your child turns a year older, you start to reminisce in the past and remember all of the crazy, adorable, funny things they did. I consistently think about Abby’s past because Facebook reminds me everyday of the great memories we had and I relive it again.

December 18, 2012 was such a wonderful, yet stressful day. (I’ve made a blog post about my labor story, so I’ll link it right here). However, four years later in 2016, it was a memorable and emotional day.

Abby turned four this past December and I couldn’t believe it, my baby girl was turning a whole year older. Soon she was going to be in Kindergarten, then in middle school and then off to college. 

She’s been into Monster High for about six months, so Vinny and I threw her the best Monster High party any four year old could ask for.

What started to bring on the waterworks was how she wanted to invite her friends from school. I knew she had friends at school, but inviting them to her birthday just made everything seem so real – she was actually becoming a real person. 

We wanted to make this day special for her and her “ghoulfriends”, so we called My Fairytale Dream to see if Draculaura was available to make an appearance at Abby’s Birthday Party and she was! 

This was the first time both Vinny and I threw a children’s party, so we were going in blind and just “winging it”. By the time Draculaura showed up, the real party began.

She was escorted in with a party host who took pictures of the entire party while Draculaura played games, danced and did activities with the kids. She was absolutely amazing and I had several kids come up to me and say how this was the best party they’ve ever been too. 

I felt so happy and yet again emotional, but it was clarification that Vinny and I are good parents and that our daughter is happy.

The party came to an end and everyone went home happy and with a smile. I felt as if our mission was accomplished while we received “The Parent of the Year Award”. 

Entertainment by: My Fairytale Dream

Photos by: My Fairytale Dream

Cake by: MKreations Cakes

Custom T-Shirt by: CreativeCutsBoutique 


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