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My 13 Wishes

Abigail has been into Monster High for quite some time. Monster High is for kids around the age of 9-12, maybe even older. They are movie series where the children of iconic monsters go to school together and try to be ‘normal’.

There is one movie that she has been watching over and over again — and it got me thinking.

Monster High: 13 Wishes is about this genie who grants the finder 13 wishes, but there is a dark side to the wishes. The finder must try not to use his or her wishes in a selfish manner. If they do, the ‘shadow genie’ will appear and trick the finder to wish “all power to the Shadow Genie“.

While watching this movie with Abby for the 100th time, I was contemplating on what would my 13 wishes be if I was the finder.

My 13 Selfless Wishes

  1. I would wish for my mortgage to be paid in full.
  2. I would wish for my student loans to be paid off.
  3.  I would wish for endless airfare miles.
  4. I would wish for lifetime season pass to Walt Disney World and Disneyland’s around the world.
  5. I would wish for free health care for everyone.
  6. I would wish for a bottomless bowl of coffee ice-cream.
  7. I would wish for everyone who is homeless to have a home.
  8. I would wish for one day a week to just stay home, wear your pajamas and watch Netflix all day.
  9. I would wish for a baby pig and I’ll name her Porky.
  10. I would wish for my children and my children’s children and so on to live in health and happiness.
  11. I would wish for Vinny to have lifetime season tickets to the Eagles, Fylers and Met games.
  12. I would wish for no more hate in the world.
  13. I would wish for to speak and understand all different languages.

Even though there were only 13 wishes, I have to say it was very difficult to come up with ones that weren’t completely selfish. I recommend this to anyone who wants to make a list of 13 wishes, but none of them can be selfish.


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