Mommy Stories

The Reason She Was In Time Out

 img_6765At first glance, this looks like a little girl who was put in time-out by her parents, but in reality, she put herself in time-out. Most people would express how the parent is a lair — what child would put themselves in time-out for no reason. But my child did!

My daughter, who was 3-years-old at the time, decided that she would sneak into my bathroom and grab my makeup bag from the drawer and apply makeup to herself.

That morning in September was quite a busy morning. We had three doctors appointments, dance class, family dinner, and a week worth of laundry that needed to be washed, folded and put away. And to top everything off, my alarm didn’t go off so I only had an hour to get her dressed, prepare a quick bag for her (change of clothes, snacks, drinks, toys, and books), make her breakfast, get myself dressed and make a cup of coffee. An hour seems practical, but to a mother of a 3-year-old, it seems like 15 minutes.

When I had my cup of coffee, I finally got her dressed. Afterward, she sat at the kitchen table eating her Mickey Mouse pancakes with extra syrup. So now it was time for me to get ready.

I finally got myself dressed and about to apply my makeup when I noticed my makeup bag was missing. I yelled across the house to my daughter asking if she has seen my makeup bag and her response was, “No mom, where did you leave it last?” I was laughing to myself because this is what I ask her father whenever he can’t find something.

I was running around the house looking for my makeup bag. After I couldn’t find it, I decided to go into the living room to check and see if I accidentally placed it in my purse. When I walked into the kitchen to get into the living room, there was my daughter sitting at the table with my makeup bag, applying my makeup all over her face.

I was speechless, I didn’t know if I should yell, scream, cry, laugh or just stand there? So I ended up just staring at her face. I quietly told her to get into the bathroom to wash her face and to hand over my makeup bag. There was a little argument, but after a while, she finally coughed it up and headed to the bathroom.

When she left the bathroom, she grabbed her chair and placed in the middle of the hallway and sat right down. I asked her why she was sitting in the middle of the hallway. Her response was actually what I was thinking, “Because mommy, I took something that wasn’t mine and I made a mess of my face. I need to be in time-out.” I just looked at her and nodded.

After I finished getting ready, I told her that she could get up from time-out. When she did, she apologized and gave me a big kiss. The rest of the day went smoothly.



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