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Back to School Blues

The spring semester starts tomorrow and those who are still in school know what that means…spending hundreds of dollars on Starbucks coffee, multiple sleepless nights, forgetting when you last washed your hair and endless gallons of tears. Can’t wait!

I’ve always loved school, even when I was younger. I enjoyed learning and trying to absorb as much knowledge I could before my head explodes.

High school is a time where it’s still ‘too soon’ to talk about. However, college was by far the best four years of my young adult life. I’ve met amazing people who I still keep in touch with through social media and it’s where I’ve developed as a person and found out who I truly am.

But, these past four years have also been beyond difficult. I’m not talking about the classes, but my family. Raising a child, maintaining a healthy relationship, buying and upkeeping a house, working part-time, going to school full-time and planning my dream wedding is quite a challenge. But hey, I was able to do it all and maintain at least a 3.7 GPA.

Tomorrow begins my final semester of college and while most people will be thanking the universe that school is almost over. Not me! I can wait for the semester to begin because that means it ends in 15 weeks and I’m not ready for that. I would love to attend school forever just like Ducky in NCIS.

While most people find their zen in the gym or what other activity they join, I find mine in two places — 1. Reading a book, and 2. In a classroom learning.

Between January 17 and May 12, I’m going to be crying internally and wishing that I didn’t have to graduate. On the bright side of things, I decided to go back to school next year (after the wedding) to get my Teaching Certification in English Literature, K-12. So there is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel.


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