Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream Experience


Yesterday afternoon, my future mother and sister-in-law took my daughter to see Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream for her birthday. I personally have never been to any ‘on ice’ shows, so I was pretty excited especially since I’m
a Disney lover!

15977573_10212193521656161_8573468715154672740_nOur original plan was to take the train so we would be there a few minutes before the doors open so we wouldn’t be rushed, however, our train was canceled due to a trespasser incident a few stations north of ours. So we quickly decided to jump into the car and head to the show. Surprisingly we got to the show before our train would have gotten there.

The doors began to open and someone was getting pretty excited — Abby was, too!

We got to our seats and the show was about to begin.

I’m not going to give any details away because I want you to experience it all first hand, but I will say how incredibly magical this show was. Disney has never failed me and I don’t think they ever will.

I highly recommend to see this show when you get the chance — you will not be disappointed.



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