Mommy Stories

Naughty “Elf on the Shelf” for Mommy and Daddy

Sometimes during the holiday’s parents need to have a little fun and just relax. It is unknown who start the naughty Elf on the Shelf, but parents have taken advantage this trend and have shared pictures with close friends and family who find this humorous.

I have some friends who don’t have kids who do this x-rated Elf on the Shelf for themselves and for a good laugh between family and friends.




WARNING: Graphic Pictures!




12366309_753796614764051_692341124021133001_n 5748_756915454452167_1288247846170714305_n 10610472_757012541109125_2320559587713539526_n 10288710_757661597710886_7305265983351703709_n  1915717_757262757750770_6673809932858419043_n   15327493_964980290312348_724567866692900964_n15267530_962278083915902_5513612595751135280_n 15319108_967974523346258_7995672615910904164_n


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