Toddler DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of the year again! Parents are running around trying to get their children’s Halloween costumes. Sometimes they run out of your child’s size, they don’t have what your child wants, or the costumes are too expensive.

For the past three years, I’ve been making my daughter’s Halloween costumes. I am not a seamstress, nor do I know anything about making clothes. However, I’m very created and I enjoying coming up with an original costume that my child loves and my wallet thanks me for.

2013-Lil’ Pumpkin
halloween13This costume I did not make. A family friend gave me this costume from when her daughter was a pumpkin on her first Halloween. This costume isn’t a DIY, but I can’t get enough of this picture.

Cost: $0

Materials: None

Labor: 0 hours

Cuteness: Priceless


2014-Minnie Mouse
halloween14This was the first year that I made my daughters’ Halloween costume.

Cost: $10

Materials: Black Shirt, Black Leggings/Stockings, Red Tutu, White Fabric, White Shoes (If you have yellow–even better), Yellow Fabric Dye

Labor: Cutting circles from the white fabric and hot gluing them to the red tutu. Dying their white shoes yellow.

Cuteness: Priceless



2015-Lil’ Witch
halloween15My daughter was obsessed with Sofia the First’s (she still is) Witch friend Lucinda. For months she would ask if she could be Lucinda for Halloween and of course I said yes.

Cost: $25

Materials: Black Shirt, Striped Stockings,  Colored Tutu, Witch Hat, Colored Fabric (optional), Black Boots

Labor: Cutting strips of the colored fabric and sewing it in a criss-cross pattern on the shirt and on the hat (optional)

Cuteness: Priceless


2016-Mal (From The Descendants) 

14900426_10211417970307862_4498616349908679313_nMy daughter enjoys playing different characters and for the past few months, she has been watching Disney Channel’s Original Movie The Descendants five million times.  She was deciding back and forth between the two main characters, Mal (Maleficent’s Daughter) and Evie (Evil Queen’s Daughter).  She finally came to the realization that she wanted to be Mal.

Cost: $30

Material: Mal Shirt (Spirit Halloween), Mal Hand Glove (Spirit Halloween), Purple Leggings, Light Denim Jacket, Neon Purple Fabric Paint, Neon Pink Fabric Paint, Neon Green Fabric Paint, Gold Glitter Fabric Gel, Painters Tape, and Temporary Purple Hair Dye

Labor: Section off the different parts of the jacket with painters tape. Use the correct color to paint those sections (use online photos). Once fabric paint is dry, use the gold glitter to make little stud-like-triangles where ever you will like. Use temporary purple dye on her hair.

Cuteness: Priceless


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