Mommy Stories

My Daughter Is No Longer Afraid of Monsters

halloween-six-flagsMy parents, my little brother, Abigail and I went to Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. Abby already went to the theme park two weeks prior and was even more excited to go back again. She was extremely excited to go on all the rides with me and see the ghouls dance during Fright Fest.

halloween-girl-clownThe sun began to go down and the night was upon us. Abigail was getting excited to see the zombies and show me how much a big girl she. We attended the Awakening Ceremony where all the ghouls are released through out the park. I could tell she was getting a little nervous, but my father always taught me that monsters are just make believe.

We stahalloween-skeletonrted to walk through the park and and the ghouls would begin to approach and her she would run right into my arms. I would put her down and tell her that it’s halloween-clownokay, they only scare mommy and daddy’s. When I said that, a ghoul came up to her and gave her a high five and a hug.

After that moment, Abby was super excited. She felt as if she concurred the world. For the rest of the night, she would go up to the ghouls and give them all high fives. My little girl is no longer afraid of monster and every night she wants to watch scary movies (kid friendly movies).





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