15492041_10211871191918119_4115177531307387904_nI wanted to take this moment to introduce myself and explain why I originally created this blog.

This blog was a major requirement for one of my communication classes at Kean University. After the class ended, I decided to keep posting and see where it takes me. I enjoy writing and I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts with those who are willing to listen.

The title of my blog, “Teen Mom Unscripted” is personal to me because I am a mother to a beautiful 4-year-old little girl. God blessed me with this precious gift when I was 17-years-old. Abigail’s father (Vincent) and I have been together for 5 years, but have been friends for 13 years. We are currently undergoing wedding plans and are tieing the knot in October and I cannot wait!

Being a teen mom came with its struggles and doubts. I would always be looked down upon, be called nasty names, and be questioned on my ability to be a mother. But I eventually looked past all the negativity and used it as fuel to become a better mother to my child.

This blog will be highlighting my journey and obstacles as a young mom (no longer a teenager) and hopefully be useful to other parents who might be going through the same things.

Best Wishes xo.